9-10/12/2021 Workshop

On 9-10 December 2021, a workshop was held as part of the project  ”Contemporary challenges of Employee Participation – Opposing the Negative Results of COVID-19”.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the workshop was organized in a virtual format using the ZOOM application.

The leading topic of the workshop was the European Green Deal and fair transition. The introduction to the debate on just transition was the presentation about the work of the International Labour Organization and European trade unions in this area, as well as key documents referring to these concepts. The support instruments prepared by the European Commission to contribute to the climate transformation with its equitable dimension were also indicated. A proposal for principles that can guide the implementation of a just transition was presented.

Country experts presented reports on the situation in Spain and Romania. It was pointed out that citizens are already bearing the costs of rising energy prices, which make it difficult for them to adapt to change. Considerable concern is currently caused by the issue of energy security. It was emphasized that the crisis is now being passed better by those countries that are more energy independent. They also pointed to mistakes made during earlier transformations, which resulted in the degradation of regions and migration of citizens in search of better living conditions, including employment. Climate transformation must address not only the extractive and industrial sectors but also tourism, agriculture, and transportation.


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